Help Construct Masjid Bin Baaz in South Philadelphia

Embody Islam

Dear brothers and sisters,

Aid your brothers from Ahlus-Sunnah by helping to construct Masjid Bin Baaz. The Masjid is being built in South Philadelphia, an area of Philadelphia void of a Masjid that teaches the Sunnah coupled with the interpretations of the Companions and those who follow them; furthermore, it is an area of the city where misguidance has been, and is being spread.

So, don’t hesitate to support our brother, Abu Zaynab Tawfeeq Hosley, and those involved in this praiseworthy project by doing whatever you can, and to understand more about the importance of Ahlus-Sunnah building their own Masaajidplease click here.

I ask Allah, The All Able, to bless Ahlus-Sunnah with distinction in their call, and to make us people who aid in raising the flag of tawheed and Sunnah wherever we may be.

Masjid Bin Baaz

1741 Point Breeze Ave.

Philadelphia, Pa. 19145

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